Gifury Ceramic Lucky Cat Face Sliding Knot Bracelet


Gifury Lucky Cat Face Braided Bracelet is inspired by the Japanese Nianko cat culture, it is considered a lucky mascot and god of fortune in life. This bracelet is a symbol of good luck, suitable for everyday wear or as a gift for friends and relatives.

Material: Paracord, ceramic (the lucky cat face), elastic beads.

Appearance: Sliding knot, braided in the front of the bracelet, the back of the bracelet has sparse tassels with some beads.

We have 3 color available: Yellow, Red, Pink

The sliding knot can easily adjust to fit your wrist, this bracelet maximum length is about 26 cm, which is recommended for whose wrist measurement under 26 cm.

Note: You can wear this bracelet on any occasion, but should take it off when bathing and swimming because if it gets wet, it will easily mold.